Bangor Blues® (Dark or Milk)

Bangor Blues® (Dark or Milk)
Brand Name: Bangor Blues®
Item#/SKU: 7800
One of the few fruits native to New England, the blueberry, was cherished by early settlers as a staple ingredient. No doubt - if they could - they would have covered the blueberry in chocolate. The blueberry remains a cherished ingredient for its taste and health benefits. Our new Bangor Blues® combine the same high quality specialty chocolate used in our other panned confections, with an added hint of natural blueberry flavor, layered around a sweetened dried blueberry. Buy four or more 5-ounce boxes of Bangor Blues - any flavor combination, and receive the discounted price of $5.00 for each box.

Select QTY SKU Your Choice of Chocolate Unit Price
78001  Dark Chocolate $5.99
78002  Milk Chocolate $5.99
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