Hawaiian Estate Coffee
Brand Name: Hawaiian Estate Coffee
Item#/SKU: 3104

Hawaiian Estate Coffee

Fresh from Cape Cod Coffee Roasters, the crisp, complex flavor of our cinnamon roasted Hawaiian Molokai-Kauai Blend reminds many of our customers of the popular New England coffees - roasted just long enough to bring out the flavor without a trace of bitterness. The price also appeals to our frugal friends - who love a good cup, but can't stomach the price of Kona. Hawaii, by way of Cape Cod: that's a detour worth exploring! In one pound bags, your choice of whole bean or ground to order.
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31041  Whole Bean $15.99
31042  Coarse Grind $15.99
31043  Medium Grind $15.99
31044  Fine Grind $15.99

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