About Us

Original, Authentic, Delicious - those three words sum up our good food philosophy.

There are no 'new foods', there are only original flavors which we forget and then, rediscover every few years; There are no new recipes: there is the authentic, and the imitation; Delicious, of course, speaks for itself.

The history of chocolate in America closely parallels the history of the Chocolate House in Sagamore, on Cape Cod. In the 19th Century an Italian family with ties to Genoa’s famous chocolatiers, emigrated to the United States and began making chocolates and other confections for the crowds who fled the city on weekends for the cool waters of the Charles River. Soon the family had their own chocolate ‘house’ and a reputation for special treats, including that newfangled sweet called ‘fudge’. As the highways came and neighborhoods changed, the family moved their business to Cape Cod, occupying a prominent position just across the Sagamore Bridge, and offering visitors their first – never their last, ‘taste of the Cape’. Today it is not uncommon for the Chocolate House – now known as ChocoLatté, to greet the grandchildren of the Chocolate House’s first customers, and to assure them that, “Yes, we still make the fudge the old-fashioned way: using antique, hammered copper pots, all-natural ingredients, and stirring and stirring with large hickory oars until the very last moment.”

Today Cape Cod Specialty Foods offers a wide selection of specialty products which meet our simple, classic criteria: from our home made, Old World recipe Fudge (cooked on the premises in antique copper pots), to our signature item - the world famous chocolate covered cranberries known as Bog Beans, everything we offer is original, authentic, and delicious.

When you order from Cape Cod Specialty Foods you aren't triggering a message to be sent to a warehouse, where a machine pulls out boxes by barcode.

No, WE see your order, and WE pack it fresh, by hand.

Face it: the Giganto-marts of this world cannot guarantee freshness, flavor, or quality: they can only guarantee low price. For your everyday purchases price is almost always the most important 'ingredient'.

When you want something original, authentic, and guaranteed delicious... well, we hope you look to us.

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