JaMocha Beans®


Introducing JaMocha Beans®!  Elegant simplicity: select freshly roasted 'organic' espresso beans enveloped in rich dark chocolate - no fillers, artificial ingredients or flavors. There are other so-called chocolate espresso beans out there - but none better. Others use coffee syrups to flavor theirs: we use a special, select, and extremely-fresh roasted bean - that needs no artificial 'assist'. Others use less than premium chocolate, extenders, and artificial vanilla. JaMocha Beans® use only the best, freshest ingredients - and it shows in the taste.

 Are JaMocha Beans® available at your local specialty food store, farm market, winery or wine shop? Tell us your favorite store that doesn't carry our products and we'll contact them. If they order , we'll thank you with a special gift. Send your suggestions HERE

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